Webinar: Why small businesses need payroll software.

Join us Thursday, September 26 at 1 p.m. EST as experts from the Wagepoint team and GnarlyBooks, one of Canada's top bookkeeping firms, discuss why small businesses need payroll software. Small business owners and fellow accounting pros are all welcome. It's all about learning and sharing. Sign up below to join in the conversation.

Join us — Sept. 26 at 1 pm EST
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Payroll mistakes occur twice as often with manual, in-house payroll compared to using payroll software.

The average penalty for an incorrect payroll filing is $875.

Most small businesses spend 1 - 5 hours managing payroll every month.

Payroll Statistics: Score | Payroll Statistics: Aptitude Research Partners 

How payroll software saves you time and money:

About Wagepoint:

  • We get it — payroll is mission-critical. 
  • Trusted by 8,000 small businesses. 
  • Passes the "my grandma-could-use it" sniff test.
  • Has everything you need to pay employees and contractors.

Simple payroll software built specifically for small businesses. 

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