That's a wrap on Hindsight's 2020.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We've completed our webinar recapping the basics of payroll year-end — including why this time of year is the best time to start using payroll software or make the switch to new software. Sign up below to get updates for upcoming webinars in the future.

What payroll year-end involves and why it matters:

Resolving inconsistencies and updating your information for 2020 to prevent mistakes that have a domino effect.

Generating T4s and T4As for employees and contractors which are due to these individuals the last business day in February.

Verifying year-to-date amounts for payroll taxes, which goes hand-in-hand with generating T4s and T4As.

We'll show you the ropes to tackle year-end.

How to find the information you need for your end-of-the-year payroll tax forms.


How to check your remittance balance and compare to the actual tax liability you've accrued over the year.


How to switch your payroll provider at the beginning of the year when it's easiest. (We have a friendly, intuitive solution in mind.)


Stay compliant, stay happy.

Thanks to all our attendees for joining us. You can catch the recap on our blog, where you can download the recording of the webinar and get our setup checklist.

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